Globally Sourced Products Presents First-aid Tent Insulation Mat

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The first aid sleeping bag is made of tin foil paper or tin film. The surface is coated with metal. The inner layer is made of PE plastic film. The inner layer is wrapped around the body to reflect the heat back, so as to keep warm and keep warm.
First-aid sleeping bags are used under special circumstances, such as sleeping on the streets after an earthquake, or being in outdoor danger. In the absence of any other warm clothing and sleeping bags, the first-aid sleeping bag can effectively maintain body temperature.
This sleeping bag is not a one-time use. It can be folded and stored after each use and can be reused.

The main function:
1 When camping, you can put it on the outside of the sleeping bag to enhance the wind and warmth effect.
2 Debilitated patients wrapped in emergency sleeping bags to prevent heat loss
3 When the wilderness is killed, the emergency blanket is wrapped around the body, and the reflective effect can be used to help the rescuer find the target quickly.
4 can take up the use of water sources, tents, mats, etc.
5 Reflective sun protection under the scorching sun


Material: pe film
Color: orange

Package Content:

1 x Mat