Globally Sourced Products Presents Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper With 3600V High Powered, Electric Pest Control Insect Fly Zapper Can Attract Gnats, Mosquitoes, Flies, Moths For Home, Patio

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  • Efficient and fast extermination,first with ultraviolet light to attract the bugs,then the grid directly exterminate the bugs and collect the board to capture them
  • As beautiful as a night light,fruit flies,mosquitoes, bug killers,no longer need to wave your hand, can be easily placed in your home,kitchen or office as a decorative light fixture
  • Excellent waterproof,can be placed in the hallway,near insect-infested fruits,plants,garbage cans,outside the window;the best effect when the light is off
  • Finger protection distance,children's and dogs' fingers will not touch
  • Easy to clean,remove insect debris,just pull out the collection tray of electric mosquito killer If the light doesn't come on,please try to reinstall the bulb according to the manual,as the bulb may become loose during shipping.