Globally Sourced Products Presents Smartphone Remote Control IR Blasters Type C Micro Lightning Universal Smart Infrared App Control Adapter for TV Air Conditioner

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Model: EKX4S
Applicable mobile phone interface: TypeC, Lightning, MicroUSB

Applicable products: iOS Apple, Android Android
Suitable for: air conditioner, TV, set-top box, camera and other infrared electrical remote control
Infrared wavelength: 940nm
Transmission frequency: 38Khz 56Khz

Weight and volume:
Single set of products (with packaging): about 19g 8.5x5.5x2.5cm

IOS:Search and download Uni TV Remote in Apple Store

Android :Search and download zaza remote in Google Store

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Which mobile phone models does the remote control support?

Answer: Apple mobile phones support iPhone 5 and above models, and the system supports the latest IOS15

Android phones only need to support OTG (currently almost all Android phones support OTG)

2. Can the remote control control all home appliances?

Answer: The remote control can cover more than 90% of the infrared home appliances currently on the market, and well-known brands are generally available. If there is no adaptation process, the Android phone can choose DIY to carry out the learning function. (Apple phones are not supported yet).

Non-infrared home appliances cannot be remotely controlled, such as Bluetooth remote control and 2.4Ghz remote control.

3. How far is the remote control?

Answer: The distance from the remote control to the machine depends on the reception of the electrical appliances. The actual measurement of commonly used household appliances is 8-15 meters. Completely meet daily needs.

4. Is it necessary to align electrical appliances during the use of this product?

Answer: The working principle of the remote control of the mobile phone and the remote control of the electrical appliance is the same. It needs to be aimed at the electrical appliance, and the middle cannot be blocked.

5. The Apple mobile phone can be recognized after being plugged into the remote control, but why it cannot be adapted and the indicator light does not flash?

Answer: It can be solved by turning off the mono audio in the mobile phone settings-general-accessibility function (the mono audio option is an auxiliary function set for people with hearing impairment in one ear and will not affect normal calls)

6. Why can't the Android phone be recognized after being inserted into the remote control or can't be used normally after being recognized?

Answer: 1. If the mobile phone is OPPO or vivo mobile phone, you need to turn on the OTG switch in Settings - Other Settings -

2. If other Android phones have similar problems, you can open the remote control wizard-My-Settings in the upper right corner-Infrared driver settings-Device and select USB.