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Introducing the Casa Barco Foundation's one-of-a-kind Toucan Makeup Bag, designed by kids and handcrafted by their talented mothers. This is not just a storage space for your makeup or writing instruments, it's a work of art that tells a story of creativity and collaboration.

The Casa Barco Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Colombia that focuses on providing education, nutrition, and emotional support to children and families living in vulnerable communities. With a mission to break the cycle of poverty through education and empowerment, the Casa Barco Foundation offers a wide range of programs and services to help improve the lives of those it serves.

The design of the fabric of the Purpose Makeup Bag case was created in an illustration class at the Casa Barco Foundation. The pouch  is made of high-quality materials, with a durable stain resistant exterior and a soft, protective interior lining to keep your belongings safe and secured with zipper closure.

This Makeup Bag is more than just a beautiful accessory. It's a symbol of hope and opportunity for the mothers of the Casa Barco Foundation. Each pouch  is lovingly made by hand by a group of talented women, all of whom are mothers or grandmothers of the children at the Foundation. By purchasing one of these pouches, you're not just supporting the creativity of the children, but also the hard work and dedication of the mothers who made it.

Select your choice of design: Toucan or Maria Mulata