Magsafe Wallet for Iphone 15/14/13/12 Series, Strong Magnetic Phone Card Holder Fit 2 Cards & 3 Viewing Angles & Stain-Resistant Vegan Leather Phone Stand, Hello Yellow Globally Sourced Products Presents

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  • [Powerful Functions Packed In One Slim Design] With the phone stand and magnetic property, it's more than a slim wallet, bringing a whole new phone experience to you. Let you enjoy using your phone with optimized freedom. The fold-design allows for intuitive and flexible usage - simply snap it on, stand it up and fold it back into place
  • [Slim Yet Holds Two Cards] At 5mm/0.2in thinness, it's slimmer than any other magsafe wallet but has the same capacity as most wallets to hold two cards for you to feel good while taking your cards without additional bulk
  • [A New Way to Make Your Phone Stand Up] Portrait, Landscape, and the new Floating mode – three viewing modes enable you to look at your phone screen in the most comfortable way, whether you’re browsing the web in portrait, streaming in landscape or having a zoom meeting in floating mode
  • [MagSafe Compatibility] It works well with iPhone 15/ iPhone 15 Plus/ iPhone 15 Pro/ iPhone 15 Pro Max/ iPhone 14/ iPhone 14 Plus/ iPhone 14 Pro/ iPhone 14 Pro Max/ iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 mini/ iPhone 13 Pro/ iPhone 13 Pro Max/ iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 mini/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max and MagSafe phone cases
  • [NOTE for Wireless Charging] It's not compatible with wireless chargers. Remove the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet before wireless charging

Product Description

  1. Snap, Grab, Go!

    The hidden wallet securely holds 2 essential cards. Less clutter, more focus on life.

  2. MOFT Phone Case and Magsafe Wallet

    The magnetic adhesion works even better when paired with the MOFT protective phone cases

1 Wallet and Stand in One 2 Unseen &Unfelt &Unnoticed 3 Practical and Portable 4 Enhance 2x Magnets 5 Materials & Colors
  1. Hands Free All the Time

    No more hand pain to interrupt your web browsing, Instagram viewing, and TikTok watching.

  2. One-second Mode Switching

    Jump into a movie anytime to free your mind and hands.

  3. New Mode to Unlock New Possibilities

    Sit down and participate in a video conference straight away, wherever you are.

1 Portrait Mode 2 Landscape Mode 3 Floating Mode
  1. Mix and Match the Wallet Stand with the Phone Case

    Most Secure Minimal Carry

    With the distinct design of the MOFT phone case, the magnetic adhesion is 2x enhanced. The case has a minimalist design and complements the iPhone color that you have.

  2. How to use the Wallet Stand like a pro on the go?

    Snap. Stand. Slip.

    Stylish, sleek, and super-powerful, the smart features that make your everyday journey efficient are all folded in the MOFT Wallet Stand.

Compared with Apple's wallet, how's the magnet strength?

The magnet strength feels the same as Apple's wallet, because we use similar magnet design to match the iPhone 15/14/13/12 series. If you still feel the magnet is not strong, please provide us with some details about the usage scenarios, phone model

What iPhone models are compatible?

MOFT phone stand is compatible with MagSafe so that you can snap it onto the back of your iPhone 14/13/12 series or Magsafe-compatible phone cases. If you have a non-MagSafe phone or case, you can still use it with a MOFT magnetic ring.

Does it have RFID-blocking technology?

No, it's not RFID-blocking.

What cards can be stored in the Stand & Wallet?

The Stand & Wallet is ideally suited for storing chip cards. However, please note that storing magnetic stripe cards and dual interface cards may carry a risk of demagnetization due to their magnetic strip.

Is the MOFT Magsafe Wallet Stand Wallet compatible with wireless charging?

No, it can't be used with a wireless charger. But detachment is easy, so you can remove it for wireless charging.

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